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Bonnie Key Gift Certificates 

Turning over a new leaf. 

Increase in self confidence, a sense of freedom, rising above current circumstances.

$170 - Single session

$465- 3 Tuning Sessions

$175- Spirit Guide Regression

$650-QHHT Past Life Regression

$620- 4 sessions of intuitive mentoring 

Call 404-786-9282  to purchase a Gift Certificate.


“As I offer help in many different areas through a variety of curated programs, I would like to share some of my client’s experiences. They are all so meaningful to me, their discovery into a deeper spiritual understanding, and ending in personal fulfillment. But the best testimonial that I can receive is my clients trusting in me and referring me to their loved ones after seeing their results.”

Ambler, PA

Beautiful Bonnie with her many gifts helped me through a very challenging period of my life.  I was dealing with a difficult health crisis and related emotional, spiritual and financial challenges exasperated by worldwide fear, isolation and suffering related to the pandemic.  


Bonnie's intuition is very insightful and her guidance is spot on.  She is encouraging and compassionate as well as clear and firm in pointing out where patterns are not serving.  In helping me reconnect with my inner truth and innate power, I found her respectful and warm-hearted support invaluable during this period of vulnerability and great change.  


I am so grateful that she and I connected and went deeper over a period of months and I will always hold her in the highest regard. Bonnie blends her wide range of skills and spiritual abilities in a custom way for each client she engages with, and each benefits in a way perfect and unique to them. If you are considering exploring a deeper process with Bonnie, I recommend her highly and I know you won't be disappointed!  

C. Brown
Atlanta, GA

"My Past Life Regression session with Bonnie was amazing!  Bonnie has incredible gifts that she shares with such generosity while making you feel completely comfortable as you go to the depths of your soul.  Bonnie will take you on a beautiful journey to help you to uncover the lessons that you can learn from a past life, while also asking your higher self questions about anything going on in your current life.  It is a beautiful session that I highly recommend to anyone seeking to grow and learn the lessons their soul is here to learn.  Bonnie has the most beautiful energy which made me feel so safe and loved while exploring more ways to help heal myself.  I highly recommend a session or two or three with Bonnie!"

Hebron, KY

"Working with Bonnie…. is a delight!  Her intuitive ability to see and describe energetic connections and how to transform them is impressive.  In a past life regression, she has the profound ability to follow along and to literally see what is being described – and to be a strong supportive guide.  She is grounded and creates a great working relationship with her clients.  Bonnie’s insight and guidance is spot-on.  I highly recommend a session with her!"

Austin, TX

"Working with Bonnie…. She quickly answered a question that I had on my heart and was able to give me insight that was so much deeper than a standard response.  Bonnie can listen to your words but in reality she is going straight into your heart to feel what is actually deeper and you are unable to put into words.  She can tell you ways to support your life decisions that come from a place of knowing you for your lifetime.  She does not waste your time hearing long-winded details.  She is able to direct you and bring focus immediately.  Her strong and clear vision can take your lost and broken attempts to guide your life forward and she can place stones under your feet so that you take the steps you have been dreaming of.  Our monthly phone consultations have brought me such deep focus and understanding of choices I must make to get the results I long for in my life.  The trust and validity of her wisdom feels so organic and pure.  I know her words are what I am unable to find within myself.  She can push open a new door so that growth is possible.  With her support and direction I have been able to make changes in my career, break an addiction cycle for one of my children, navigate the tragic loss of a loved one and keep my own heart in a space of positive growth and transformation.  The relationship I hold with Bonnie is so special it crosses all lines of my life.  Her guidance fulfills a spiritual realm.  Her guidance and support has a transformational characteristic that creates a life changing experience.  I consider her an angel on earth that can bring you guidance from your highest place of self and life purpose."

Charlotte, NC

 "I met with Bonnie wanting to do a past life regression but felt skeptical.  Not because I did not believe in the soul’s past lives but that I would not be able to get into a relaxed state for this to work.  What a fantastic experience!  Bonnie was able to guide and direct me to that place I that I needed to be with great ease.  I was truly amazed at what I was able to visualize.  Bonnie was very patient and able to ask questions that help keep the journey going.  What an unbelievable experience to see it so clearly for yourself!  It is so interesting to see your past life experiences and then see how it connects to current life situations.  You are able to see how it has carried forward into this life.  Thank you for this fun learning experience!"

Atlanta, GA

Recently, I had the pleasure of receiving a past life reading.  I loved the way Bonnie spent time explaining the process and prepared me for the experience.  During the session you are provided a perfect space while she speaks in a gentle yet confident way, guiding you through the healing of both the physical and emotional area that you are seeking.  I came away feeling lighter and with new knowledge, she is a fantastic teacher.  I was so thrilled to have a past life reading exploring an area I had great curiosity about.  Again, Bonnie was able to provide guidance for me to visualize my journey and connect to my past.  I now think about that past life session weekly if not daily.  I now have a better understanding and clarity of my present life.  It has been so interesting to see how my past lives have influenced me today!  She is a great listener and problem solver.  Thank you Bonnie, for sharing your gifts and helping me explore and grown in my spirituality. 

K. Lia
Ogden, UT

 Bonnie’s powerful ability to tap in intuitively in a way that is right on every time never ceases to amaze me! She listens deeply and instantly provides a structure that feels safe, direct, doable and loving! We did a process where she gently brought back my masculine energy, which was unconsciously outside of me trying to protect me from when I was a child, which only seemed to keep the masculine men away and expertly guided everything back where I felt I had come back home to myself. A handsome conscious man showed up recently into my life giving me feedback on how powerful this work really is. I am forever grateful! Thank you Bonnie!”

Atlanta, GA

 I have wanted to do a past life regression for many years.  I had many questions regarding underlying feelings, fears and aspirations that caused me to be curious about my souls experiences.  During the session I felt comfortable and relaxed.  After being lead into the hypnotic state I had minimal awareness that the conversation was happening.  It was clear, although felt more like a dream state while awake.  What was revealed was so interesting – provided me much insight into my inner feelings.  We learned who I was in a prior life, my role, career, family,  where I lived and the time period.  It was so clear and detailed that after the session I did some research to learn that the person of that lifetime was well documented.  Prior to the past life regression I did not know this information in history and it was so satisfying to better understand my prior experiences.  Since the past life regression I have a greater sense of myself and it has validated much of what my current life’s experiences, feelings and purpose for this life is all about.  Thank you Bonnie for opening up this information and insight into my soul! 

E. Coughlin
Atlanta, GA

Bonnie’s sessions are unique, incredibly insightful and wonderfully transformative. Bonnie’s other worldly wisdom (combined with the “homework” she gave me to ensure deeper level understanding) enabled me to see and take specific action in practical, tangible and clear steps that have landed me squarely back onto what I believe to be my immediate best path and life’s purpose ( a path from which I wandered…). She has also given me tools I’ll later use for the rest of my life for recognizing patterns which have had (and would have other wise continued to have) the power to derail/sabotage my sense of peace, happiness and inner strength. I would wholeheartedly recommend Bonnie to anyone who is struggling with a decision or a challenge, or to anyone who could simply use sage guidance for finding their personal best and most direct path for an effective, purposeful and fulfilling life. Many thanks for helping me piece it all together(and connect my own dots). I now feel great, happy, peaceful, aware and accomplishing exactly the right goals. 

L. Wiltshire
Calgary, Alberta

"I have been working with Bonnie for 2 months. She is absolutely amazing!!! She has been assisting me with gaining confidence in my skills and clarifying my niche in preparation for my coaching practice, as well as opening me to love and finding/realizing my spiritual soul mate partner. We are well on our way with my practice, and she helped me see and avoid my unhealthy patterns so that I was able to recognize a wonderful man that is now in my life. I am so grateful for Bonnie’s guidance! Bonnie accurately and specifically hones in on my blocks, patterns and soul lessons, and communicates them with such clarity, grace and compassion, that I feel totally seen and understood on a deep level. She helps me to see my issues from different perspectives and uses analogies that really help me “get it”. Bonnie is so wise and she has amazing psychic skills which she applies with such high integrity. She has always been patient, encouraging and truthful; guiding at a pace that is ideal for me. Learning my soul history, lessons and path gave me much solace and clarity, and I am now purposefully moving forward, clearing issues, changing defeating patterns and setting high goals with renewed confidence and hope. The issues that we identified felt so big and overwhelming, yet the simple action steps that Bonnie gave me to work on cleared them easily and quickly. I feel like I am moving forward in leaps and bounds. Bonnie offers additional support and has always been there for me when I was experiencing difficulties. What a relief to not have to wait for our next session. Bonnie has so much to offer you in achieving your goals and the life of your dreams-using a beautiful combination of reading energy, soul guidance and coaching skills… I highly recommend her!!!"

Atlanta, GA

" A dear friend referred me to Bonnie several months ago, she told me “Bonnie is like my life’s flashlight.  She helps guide me to clearly see what’s in front of me.”  I was intrigued so I scheduled a phone consultation with her the next day.  I have always been drawn to intuitive individuals and I knew within 5 minutes of speaking with Bonnie that she would be my “flashlight” too!  Bonnie’s sense of grace, inner and outer beauty, kind, genuine and authentic self, naturally shines from within.  Bonnie is a deep listener who also asks provocative questions.  Bonnie makes me think with more intention, which in turn allows me to grow on my path to better self-awarness.  I love that her message has taught me to look at my past and present so that I can embrace the good and bad in order for me to direct my future path.  I love that by making slight shifts in my perspective my path for this world greatly changes.  It’s the minor tweaks that are bringing about the greatest changes.  I have learned to embrace meditation as it provides me great clarity in my day to day routine.  I am forever grateful to Bonnie for being my “flashlight” and showing me the way to live the life I have only dreamed about until now."

E. McLean
Atlanta, GA

"Bonnie,  I love you! You have helped me through some of my biggest life changes.   You have always encouraged me to make clear decisions in many difficult life choices that I have been presented with.  I appreciate your advice and it has been such a blessing; sometimes it was difficult, because it was a different way than I was used to reacting or looking at things. (Clearly my way had not worked).  Thank you for always sharing your experience, opinion, and clarity.  I trust you deeply and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so kind and loving.  I feel that you have changed my life in so many ways; I have cleared away SO many roadblocks in my path to happiness because of your guidance and friendship.  I look up to you. Your joy and presence have lifted me up to a place that shines bright! I am a happier, more efficient, and overall a healthier brighter woman because of you"

A. Thorn 
New York, NY

" Wow, wow, wow!!!! Right from the beginning, Bonnie picked up on deeply hidden desires, talents and visions I had inklings about but didn’t know how to express.  She tapped into deep things I had seen for my life and NEVER shared with anyone.  She was straightforward,warm and insightful.  Bonnie created a safe, nonjudgemental space so I could discover more about myself that I had been afraid to show.  Not only did she help me see things more clearly, she really saw me!!!  She helped me to connect to what I want for myself in such a deep, lasting and satisfying way.  I’m now doing things I never thought were possible.  Thanks Bonnie! "

A. Elliot

"Distance sessions and what works for me.  My journey is fraught with many dips, curves and speed bumps in the form of my monkey mind and self trickery.  I have found that what works best for me is to do distance sessions rather than in person sessions.  I can then insulate myself from visual or social stimulation.  In allowing only audio contact I’ve noticed that I can better communicate with Bonnie and reason with the discussion points.  I write almost continuously during my sessions following the thoughts that are shared.  My goal is to attain the highest focus possible, as if in the early stage of meditation, to most clearly distinguish the new insights.  The distance sessions have created a more clear dynamic and truer pathway to experience the route of my destination."

Dennis P.
Baldwin, GA

" I have long been interested in trying QHHT – past life regression, as I am interested in healing and evolving my soul.  I found Bonnie through Dolores Cannon’s website in my area.  I emailed Bonnie to get an idea about the process and costs and she responded right away.  She was happy to answer any questions and put my mind at ease.  She prepared me for the process ahead of time as I told her I did not know if I could be regressed or hypnotized.  She is very kind, experienced, intuitive and caring.  The session went incredibly well!  All of my questions and concerns were answered and I was able to connect a lot of the dots from my life and even a past life!  I highly recommend Bonnie to anyone seeking spiritual guidance and trying to discover what our higher selves can do and how we can become better people/souls and raise our vibrations! God bless you Bonnie and thank you! "

M, McClain
Nashville, TN

" I traveled from Nashville to Atlanta for a QHHT session with Bonnie and I am so grateful that I made the leap.  It is difficult to praise this experience in a few sentences because it was so fulfilling.  My session with Bonnie far surpassed my expectations.  I have spent years seeking answers that this session gave me in a few hours.  Bonnie took great care to understand me and the questions that I had before entering the session and throughout the experience helped me feel safe and joyful.  I came seeking guidance on my career and left with insight that surpasses lifetimes.  Since the session, this information has left me confident to my spiritual path and released me from thoughts that limited my potential in all areas of my life.  I have also become more loving in all of my relationships, including with myself.  I recommend this for anyone at any stage in life.  Again, I cannot praise Bonnie and this experience enough. "

Donn A.
Decatur, GA

" When I first started working with Bonnie my life was critically out of balance.  I did a past life regression and then did Biofield Tuning with her.  Bonnie quickly helped me to achieve a more clear state of mind, body and spirit.  The process has been instrumental in opening up past blocked thought patterns and behavior that had been standing in the way of my personal progress.  It has also given me a greater confidence to fearlessly pursue my life’s purpose.  What seemed like insurmountable obstacles in the past, are now small detours." 

Bill W.
Gainesville, GA

" My energy level at age 75 years old is better than ever.  For many years I have focused on spiritual and physical fitness.  Until I was introduced to Bonnie I was not aware that biofield tuning could eliminate subliminal negative energy that affects our lives.  Once clear, she strengthens positive energy flow throughout the body by using tuning forks.  Biofield tuning has brought me peace and clarity in my daily living. "

Tammy W. Atlanta, GA

""I had a pretty great, almost perfect life.  I worked in an executive position, the culmination of a long and successful career in a field I enjoyed.  I lived in Atlanta but worked half the time in Manhattan, a lifestyle that was perfect for me.  I was surrounded by wonderful friends in both cities and had a tight knit group of “best” friends who were always there for me.  I lived in the house of my dreams in the neighborhood of my dreams.  I had recently divorced my alcoholic husband and was very happy with my decision to do so.  I was dating, but nothing serious and that suited me just fine.  At almost 50 years old, I looked and felt as though I was still in my thirties.  I always had a big smile on my face .  I had worked hard to achieve my dreams following a path I set out for in early adulthood.  Sure, there were some skeletons in my closet, but the past was the past.  I was a strong, outgoing, fearless woman in a stable place that was looking forward to new opportunities ahead.  I was just where I wanted to be.

So what in the world was going on in my head?  Why was I always feeling so emotionally drained, unfulfilled and dissatisfied?  So sad.  Why did I start counting the minutes until I could pour myself that big glass of wine at the end of each day?  To escape.  To escape from what?  My perfect life?  It seemed to get worse by the day.  A recurring pattern of “something’s just not right,” “something’s missing”.  What was wrong with me?  Why did I feel so out of control?

I needed a change, but I couldn’t figure out how to make that change happen on my own.  I needed help.  I needed to find a therapist, get some meds, something.  A friend recommended a different route.    “Call Bonnie, she said.”    Two words that change my life.  I never thought I would consider a “spiritual advisor”.  I was not very openminded about such things.  About the “gifted”.  But as I said, I needed to try something.  So I called Bonnie and told her my story and she listened.  She really listened.  And I she really understood me.  My perception was that somehow, deep inside, she already knew me.  She knew my accomplishments and she was happy for me.  She knew my skeletons and there was no judgement.  She knew my pain and she knew that there was a way through it.  Somehow she knew that not only was my mind open for spiritual guidance, but it was craving it.

With that one phone call, my personal journey with Bonnie began, a journey that would change my life forever and for the better.  It began with a discovery call.  Bonnie helped me to dig deep within myself to discover where my heavy sadness originated from.  Through her thoughtful guidance I learned that it originated in my head, that it was of my own making.  Because of this, it was within my power to change it and there was an escape route from my unhealthy patterns and life choices.  My path didn’t need to change I just needed to broaden it.   Bonnie helped me realize that things were not actually as I wanted them to be.  It turns out, there was a lot missing from my “almost perfect” life.  I was bored and unchallenged in my job.  I lacked a creative outlet.  I had friends, but spent too much time worrying about what they thought of me.  I was angry that my ex-husband didn’t appreciate all the sacrifices I had made for him while we were together.  I did indeed want a long-term love in my life.  Instead of focusing on my present and moving forward, I was focusing on the past and carrying around old negative energy.  I needed to make a shift from living in the past, in my head to – living in the present, in my heart.

In order to make the shift, I discovered my core values, the things that are most important to me and my well being.  Through Bonnie’s calm and thoughtful counsel, I did much soul searching and I learned that a big house, big job and judgement of others were not important but instead calmness, peacefulness, security, safety, happiness and joy are important to me.  My journey with Bonnie taught me that my sadness and issues arose when I was not living a life that reflected my heart’s true desire and intention.

“You happen to life – life doesn’t happen to you.”

Bonnie’s guidance, wisdom and vision have led me to a deep understanding of my core values and because of this I am now able to live in the moment.  I have a clear vision of where I would like my life to go and I am able to make better decisions to get me there.  She provided me with many tools to move forward toward an abundantly full life.  I have learned how to center myself and bring in divine energy to help me through my day.  I have learned to think with intention, which has allowed me to grow on my path to better self-awareness.  I have learned to love myself again as my mind/heart connection grows.  I have become more spiritual and I meditate (even with crystals!).  I can give my all in each moment of each new day.  I have experienced growth in a subtle but progressive way.  Every day I get to create and decide the new story of me with confidence and calm.

Change doesn’t happen in a day.  That first phone call occurred 5 years ago!  Bonnie changed my life and she can change yours too!"

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