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Meet bonnie Key

Intuitive Spiritual Mentor

about me

I have used my practical guidance and goal setting in all areas of my life. After spending much time harnessing the skill of interpreting symbols and messages that were being received by me I realized that I am clairvoyant and clairaudient. I am an entrepreneurial spirit and have had two financially successful businesses before launching my career as a soul advisor. I have a varied background and am able to see situations from many different angles. I can offer practical insight and guidance to women on many different levels throughout all aspects of their life.

I temper soul advisement with coaching techniques to give you solid advancement in your life.


Why I do this work

When I work with my clients, I facilitate positive personal change and growth for their greater good.   This creates a ripple effect that touches everyone they come in contact with, thus producing clear, conscious actions going forward which in turn produces a better consequence for everyone.

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