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Chemistry can be a very weird thing when it comes to relationships. Sometimes we might like someone, but not love them. Other times we might love someone, but it may end up taking us years to realize it. If you're in a relationship right now, there are some signs that you should look out for if you feel like you're trying to force a relationship to happen that simply isn't meant to be.

First, if you feel like you have to do something extra to actually enjoy spending time with your partner, this could be a sign you're forcing yourself to love someone. Another sign would be if you can see a future together with this person, but you're not excited about it. Marriage is a lifetime thing and if you can't be excited about your future together, it probably just isn't meant to be. One final sign that might signal that you are forcing yourself to love someone is if you're hoping they will eventually change. People don't change and if this is something you're counting on to be happy, the relationship probably just isn't meant to be!

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